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Our mission: To bring quality recording & other musical services that will help and inspire local musicians to succeed in the art of music.

*This fundraiser is dedicated to helping the 45th Talent Agency

provide goods and services to local musicians who cannot necessarily afford it at industry pricing.

To be able to reach our goals, we need your help!!

Please donate funds on our page below, AND/OR any studio equipment in decent condition that artists can use to record with. The more equipment, the more donations, the more artists we can help!

To make a money donation click on the amount you would like to donate below or text 512-947-9508 to arrange a pick up/delivery of any music equipment.

Thank you!*

We offer:

*We can make your beats & music

* We can supply equipment for artists to record and/or make beats & music

*Graphic design album cover

*Professional photo shoot for album

*We can help you create your full album

*We will have a Bio-Website for artists to post their music

*We will have a featured artist-of-the-month on our website

*Monthly contest on our website throughout the year


***Our first and #1 Artist who is helping with the fundraiser below ***

“EARLEE” Nathan Earl Lee Born in LaPorte, Indiana on November 15th 1994

"I have 10 years+ experience in music. I have been rapping, producing, sound engineering and playing instruments since as long as I can remember. I wrote my very first rap when I was 6 years old I took the song “Pimp Juice” by Nelly and changed the words to make it my own, calling it “Apple Juice”. I started beatboxing and drumming around 7/y. My mom's coworker was a professional beat-boxer, James Berchfield, and he would take me to local poetry bars and jam sessions in Seattle, Washington. In 2nd grade I place 3rd in a talent show for beatboxing. That’s where my life in music all began and continued from there, as I moved to Austin, TX in 3rd grade where I started freestyle-rhyming for fun with friends. By 6th or 7th grade, I found out about Fruity-Loops and started making beats for the first time. I performed on stage rapping for the first time by 8th or 9th grade, winning multiple local talent competitions and traveling to perform in surrounding cities like Dallas, Killeen and more throughout high school. Since then, I have only been mastering my craft as an artist, gaining more knowledge and experience. Now, I feel truly ready to record and unveil some serious new work. My number one inspiration in music is definitely just the love of Hip-Hop itself, and what it can do for people bringing us together, not just only as a music genre, but as a culture and way of life. For me, Hip-Hop is a mentality, and I love passing it down to my son who is 7 years-old. He loves freestyling, and he loves helping me make beats to keep Hip-Hop alive and forever in our life to be able to share anyone. He is my biggest inspiration."


 Top 3 Favorite Artists current today: 

•Tech N9ne


•Joyner Lucas


Top 3 Artist all time:



•Bone Thugz N Harmony

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